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Forcum-Mackey offers a variety of private and public sector clients Integrated Project Delivery services.

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  • Lease-Lease Back
  • Design Build
  • Private Negotiations
  • Design-Bid-Build
  • CM at Risk

about our services

At Forcum-Mackey, we believe the successful delivery of an integrated project is brought about by the collaborative alliance and coordination of building professionals:  architecture, construction, engineering, estimating and scheduling. Our team of employees work together in a unified, cohesive process that harnesses the talents, experience and knowledge of the participants to yield superior project results while maximizing the efficiencies of the process.

Whether your project needs lease-lease back, design build, private negotiations, design-bid-build, CM at Risk or a combination of any of these, Forcum-Mackey Construction has the staff and technologies necessary to serve you. Those that select Forcum-Mackey as a business partner are ensured unique and functional architectural designs, best practices in project management and construction, and skilled professionals devoted to superior client service and support.

Please visit our Project Gallery to see the completion of these services.

Serving a variety of markets

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