Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center

Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center (ERCLC) is a public charter school designed to assist families in homeschooling their children, with students coming as far as Fresno to attend this Visalia School.  Daniel Huecker the Superintendent of ERCLC was looking for expansion and improvement to their already growing school. After hearing about Forcum/Mackey Constriction from Jeff Ramsey, the Director at Tulare County Office of Education, Daniel came to Forcum/Mackey with hopes to build 1 Administration Building, 1 Classroom, and an expanded parking lot using the schematic design he brought.  The schematic provided was already over budget and ERCLC was looking to see what they could do within their budget. Forcum/Mackey went back to the drawing board and redesigned the plans to include the 2 buildings and parking lot improvements, but we were able to add a new Pavilion/amphitheater and new basketball court with the site improvements, meeting their original budget.  The Administration building (5,700 square feet) and the Classroom (3,435 square feet), with all associated upgrades and improvements were complete during winter break, under the 8 months originally estimated, and the staff and students were able to use the new facilities after winter break.


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Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center

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